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If I ever make a personal web site, this is where you'll find it

In the mean time, here are links to some of my projects, past and current, in various stages of development and activity:

Social cents for digital stuff. Rob's helping develop the revenue model that will allow online publications to thrive! Join Kachingle to support your favorite sites. Click Bijou Graffiti below to see how Kachingle works on member websites.

2500+ film reviews and interviews from 1995 to 2005, providing content to newspapers, radio programs and web publications.

Bijou Grafitti
Upcoming project - the successor to SPLICEDwire, currently in the planning stages, but with a mock-up of a preliminary home page populated with half-written reviews.

Rant & Bluster
Upcoming project - an opinion portal site that will provide select content from intelligent critics on a variety of subjects.

The Patriot Facts
A political news feed site from 2004-2005 dedicated to providing Americans with important food for thought about the Bush Administration by drawing attention to under-reported stories, hidden agendas, apparent and proven corruption, cover-ups, and false or misleading statements.